To quote my daughter she had the “best birthday ever” at Feather Press Studio thanks to Maya! Turning 6 she wanted to make art with a close group of friends in a friendly, fun and creative setting. All the children in attendance adored Maya and felt seen, heard and well cared for.  She made the whole process easy, from discussing project ideas ahead of time, to creating a schedule- there was plenty of time for art, time for cake and some dancing.
The studio space is warm and welcoming, and has a separate area where parents and younger siblings can hang out. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience and have already signed our daughter up to take more classes. Thank you Maya!
-Sarah, Amherst

You are both amazing educators and have captivated Savannah and Nell with your creativity, patience, feedback, and modeling. Feather Press Studio has been a true glimpse of sunshine in the otherwise gloomy forecast of COVID isolation! Many many thanks to Julie and Maya for inspiring these young artists, cultivating their creativity, and doing it all remotely in very challenging times. I could not be more impressed. You have only increased our daughters’ appetite for art and we are so appreciative. The girls loved every day!!!

-Chris, Northampton

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